A reminder, that the membership fees are now overdue if you haven’t paid. The new rates are indicated below and I would ask that you settle up as soon as you can. Collecting these monies is vital to the club because as you know the running costs of the clubhouse continue to rise and it is difficult just to keep our heads above water.

Howard Wade is the membership secretary

Membership rates – 2016-17

Patron - £500 (Membership for 5 years, exemption from any increase in fees and minimum 15% discount on all purchases over the bar!)

Vice President - £75

Vice President OAP - £60

Family Member - £35

Full Member - £30

Playing Member - £30

OAP - £20

Student - £20

Social Member - £15

Junior Playing Member - £15

Mini Playing Member - £10

Please note, if you pay by standing order/direct debit please ensure you change the amount on the bank form to the new rates. If you hold a membership discount card, this scheme has been discontinued with new benefits to be announced.